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Test Procedures

Candidates Expected Behavior and Testing Policies

Candidates should arrive 15 minutes prior to the examination start time. Note: Photo ID IS REQUIRED. Most exam sessions are 3 hours long, but some are different; see our Questions page (FAQ) for details. If a candidate is tardy, no extra time will be allowed. If tardiness exceeds 30 minutes, exam package may be re-assigned to a waiting candidate. Candidates shall print and sign their names on the response card (name only) before answering the exam questions. Answers (only one per question) shall be marked on the response card provided. If more than one answer is marked per question, that question will be automatically voided.

Candidates shall refrain from smoking, eating, drinking or chewing gum and may not leave the room at anytime during the examination. ICML will consider requests for special arrangements from Candidates with medical conditions or disabilities, if received via, up to two weeks prior to the exam date. Any candidate who violates the policies or engages in, or is an accessory to, fraudulent conduct or any other unethical behavior shall be excluded from the examination. Candidates excluded for unethical behavior must wait at least 12 months before reapplying.

The exam is closed book. Candidates are only allowed pencils, erasers and a basic, non-programmable scientific calculator. Use of electronic devices is not permitted in the examination room.  Cell phones, pagers, laptops, etc. need to be left with the proctor during examination and will be returned upon completion of the exam.  Foreign candidates may be allowed an English dictionary, which shall be inspected by the proctor prior to the examination.

In the event a candidate has a problem with an exam question, a notation describing the problem should be made on the side of the referenced question. By not making a notation, the candidate is waiving his/her right to appeal.

Upon completion of the exam, candidates shall, in the presence of the proctor, place all exam related materials in the return envelope provided within their individual exam packages, seal it, sign across the seal, and return the same to the proctor. After being accounted for, candidates shall leave the testing area. All persons who take any ICML examination agree to maintain the confidentially of the examination content and to never disclose examination content to others. No copying or removal of any materials related to the examination is allowed. In the event of breach of security ICML reserves the right to apply score cancellation procedures.

Candidates will receive results in pass/fail format along with information of general content areas of deficiency. Re-testing is allowed for failing candidates, with one month waiting period. Passing candidates will be shown, along with company name, in ICML’s online list of certified professionals. As a professional certified by the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML), you pledge to honor your profession with behavior becoming of a professional, and adhere to ICML’s Code of Ethics:

  • Serve employers, clients, the industry and the public at-large with honesty and integrity
  • Alert clients of business activities or interests that might impair their judgment or impartiality
  • Advise clients or employers honestly, providing their true professional opinion regardless of the circumstances or possible personal consequences
  • Strictly comply with non-disclosure requirements set forth by clients or employers
  • Not accept payment from multiple clients for the same work unless agreed to by all parties
  • Employ their skills to reduce safety and environmental risks and improve the productivity and profitability of equipment under their observation
  • Earnestly promote the advancement of the machinery lubrication profession
  • Exercise dignity and modesty when discussing their work or accomplishments
  • Claim credit only for their own work and give credit accurately and freely for the accomplishments of others
  • Endeavor to advance the skills and interests of individuals in their employ or under their supervision
  • Compete fairly

The certificate is renewable every three years from the date of issue, granted no significant work interruption has occurred.

In the event exam start time is delayed over 30 minutes due to proctor arrival or exam room issues, candidates may decline to take the exam and request it voided and an alternative exam session coordinated. In such case, the candidate shall note his/her exam envelope with the reasons for his/her request to appeal and hand it, along with all exam materials, to the proctor. Failure to take such measures prior to the end of the examination session will constitute waiving of the right to appeal based on exam session circumstances.