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Benefits of ICML Certification

Benefits of Certification to Individuals

Earning an ICML certification acknowledges your expertise in machinery lubrication and/or oil analysis to troubleshoot and ensure reliability of lubricated equipment. The lubrication and oil analysis community, your employer, clients and peers will recognize your ICML credential as a symbol of the skills and knowledge you've gained through experience. ICML certification shows that you are a professional with the ability to successfully utilize machinery lubrication and/or oil analysis for your organization or client.

Read and print this leaflet, especially if you are just joining the industrial work force.

'Certification benefits' flyer for new OR experienced practitioners in the industrial work force

As an ICML Certified professional you also receive the following benefits:

  • Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency in machinery lubrication and/or oil analysis techniques.
  • Logos and certificate to enable you to identify your ICML certified status to colleagues or clients.

Benefits of Certification to Employers and Organizations

Through certification, organizations can maximize their return on investment in oil analysis. ICML certification delivers the following benefits:

  • A standardized method of determining training needs and measuring results
  • A reliable benchmark for hiring, promoting and career planning
  • Employee recognition and rewards that validate their expertise
  • Improved employee ability to ensure machine reliability
  • Quality assurance for outsourced oil analysis and lubrication services

Benefits to the Oil Analysis Community

Certification brings much-needed credentials to an up and coming lubrication and oil analysis community. Benefits to the community include:

  • Respect for oil analysis and lubrication professions
  • Increases professionalism within the community