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Sustaining Membership

Benefits of Corporate Sustaining Membership

The International Council for Machinery Lubrication is continuously seeking corporate members willing to aid in financially supporting the efforts and mission of ICML. Benefits of becoming a Corporate Sustaining Member of the International Council for Machinery Lubrication include:

  • Sustaining membership entitles all employees of the member organization to a twenty-five percent discount off all ICML exam fees, up to the equivalent dues paid. Countries with special price are not entitled to discount.
  • Sustaining member companies can have their company name and logo featured on ICML's web site and ICML printed literature.
  • Companies will receive a handsome plaque for display in its office, in recognition of its support of ICML.
  • Employees can take part in certification exams onsite or at assigned testing locations, through exam sponsorship. 
  • Your company's involvement with ICML will benefit industry at large and allow your company the opportunity to shape the course of industry.
Sustaining Membership Cost

The cost of a Sustaining Membership is USD $2,000 annually. 

ICML can come to your facility or special event and administer certification exams -
multiple exam types and levels can be administered simultaneously.

Contact ICML today to become a Sustaining Member!